We provide excellence in selection and distribution of products with high quality. Having a mission of providing customer satisfaction both at the first time and every time, all items are carefully packed and checked before making available to customers.

Our high end machinery and standards always ensures quality and preservation from foreign matters.

The functional support of the managing staff works enthusiastically in ensuring a great ordeal of perfection in sampling out each product both in hygiene and taste.

The Raw materials and finished products are quality controlled periodically by our quality control experts in our in-house laboratory.

Quality is assured with the below process,

  • ETO ( Ethylene Oxide ) Treatment on products in order to eradicate from bacterial content

  • Shipments random samples are drawn by Spices Board at Chennai / Cochin for Aflatoxin, Sudan I to IV and Para red. Only on passing the Spice Board Test, products are exported

  • Periodical fumigation done on timely basis every fortnight for pests and insects.