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India’s most famous “Food cracker” or “Indian Wafer” is papad. This thin crispy Indian preparation is sometimes referred as cracker or flatbread. It is a must in most of traditional Indian meal. Being a good appetizer, it comes in plain and with different flavors. Papad is eaten roasted or fried. It is a great snack when served with different toppings, dips, chutneys and pickles. It can also be used as a topper for soups.

The papad varieties available are -

  • Plain Madras Papad

  • Masala Papad

  • Spicy Madras Papad

  • Black Pepper Papad

  • Jeera Papad

  • Green Chili Papad

  • Red Chili Papad

  • Mini Papad

  • Sago Papad

  • Moong Papad

  • Udad Papad

  • Spl. Punjabi Masala Papad

  • Green Chili Papad

  • Red Chili Papad

The traditional papad that makes you remember your grandmother's flavour. These plain papads are used in curry and vegetable preparation. It can be fried as like French fries or deep fried in oil or roasted. Each method used gives a different taste to explore.

Masala papad is a very tasty Indian starter, It can also be a best snacks loved by kids. Crispy papad topped with spicy salad makes a very refreshing appetizer.

Masala papad goes well with rice and gravy.